Thomas C. Card (Writer/Director/Producer)

Thomas C. Card was born in Tennessee and raised in the heart of the Midwest. At the age of seventeen, five of Thomas's works were selected out of 250,000 entries to a national art show. Garnering national attention and landing him on CNN, Thomas was awarded a scholarship to attend the fine arts school at Washington University in St. Louis. After graduating with degrees in photography and poetry, Thomas moved to New York City to pursue his passion for photography. Interview magazine launched his career at the age of twenty-three with a double page spread. Thomas now shoots beauty and still life photography in his Chelsea studio for such companies as Barneys New York, Cole Haan, Ferragamo and Versace, and has contributed to numerous international publications including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, London Sunday Times and The New York Times Magazine.

Thomas's personal work, large-scale photographic collages of Midwestern landscapes from multiple perspectives, has most recently been shown at the Sloan Fine Art gallery in New York. His work also has been seen in numerous galleries around the country.

Finding Virginia is Thomas C. Card's first venture into filmmaking. Closely linked to his fine art photography, the film highlights Thomas's vision of the repeating image as a meaningful commentary. Juxtaposed against the contemporary criticism that the multiplication of an image diminishes the singular meaning, Thomas convinces us that, in fact, reiteration and retelling builds understanding and strengthens meaning.