From Illinois' quiet cornfields comes a story inspired by true events of suffering and sacrifice. Finding Virginia examines the balance of sight, perception, and truth as a community grapples to discover what led to the disappearance of a sweet, loving member. New light is shed upon the year-old investigation, when an already imprisoned young man gloats to his cellmate of his first-hand involvement. Framed within the context of the prisoner's interrogation room visits, a tragic nightmare reveals itself. Over the course of eighteen hours, kidnapper Nathan Daniels torments and intimidates a young single mother, pushing the very boundaries of her faith. Abducting Virginia Cutler "Ginny" from a crowded parking lot in broad daylight, Nathan coerces her into driving him around town in a wicked game. Threatening deadly consequences to her loved ones and strangers alike, Nathan cruelly tempts Ginny to flee and succumb to her instincts of self-preservation. Through insight into this horrific journey we come to realize the true nature of Virginia's character.