Brett Hayes (Producer)

Brett Hays has produced both short and feature length films. In 2007, Brett produced the award winning short film Sugar. Since that time, Sugar has been an official selection in over 15 film festivals and won such awards as "Best Cinematography," "Best Editing," "Best Short Film" and "The Grand Jury Prize." The film has been viewed over 16,000 times on YouTube and has been seen in festivals around the world and has appeared on the front page of Funny or Die. He also Co-Produced and Managed the award winning dance-musical Leading Ladies (Summer 2009) starring Benji Schwimmer, (Season 2 winner of So You Think You Can Dance), Melanie LaPatin (choreographer of The Thomas Crowne Affair), cinematographer Pete Biagi (The Company and A Prairie Home Companion) and Tony Award winning costume designer Markas Henry (Elf, Thoroughly Modern Millie and Beauty and the Beast). The film recently won the 2010 Showcase Award at the Sonoma International Film Festival.