Saunder Jurriaans and Daniel Charles Bensi
(Original Score)

Stenfert Charles is composing team of Saunder Stenfert Jurriaans and Daniel Charles Bensi. Both multi-instrumentalists and classically trained musicians, they have a vastly diverse range of musical styles from sweeping orchestral scores and cinematic ambient soundscapes, to lyrical songs and modern Classical pieces.

Both Saunder and Daniel have collaborated musically with various NYC composing houses including The Rumor Mill and Pulse Music in a multitude of national commercials and documentaries. Both Daniel and Saunder are founding members of Priestbird (formerly known as Tarantula AD) and Storms – both NYC bands. Priestbird has 5 albums, has toured internationally, and has twice played main support for Pearl Jam. Priestbird's unique sound journeys from dramatic, cinematic instrumental music to epic, psychedelic rock. Storms draws inspiration from American folk, bluegrass and southern rock.

Stenfert Charles has just completed the score to Alistair Banks Griffin's debut feature Two Gates of Sleep which premiered at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival on May 18th. They have also recently completed the score for photographer Thomas Card's directorial debut Finding Virginia.